There’s something for everyone…

25 Jul

Are you noticing what a great array of produce is available on the market? From mushrooms, to stone fruits, to cheese and bread, meat to vegetables. It’s a great time of year to enjoy the varied and fresh produce our farmers are harvesting for us.

If that wasn’t enough, we also have a wonderful compliment of guest vendors to add a little variety to your Pawling Farmer’s Market tote bag.

  • Nubibinu Soaps specialize in Astragalus Root Soap, their products contain 100% natural ingredients. Cut down on those plastic bottles of shower gel and hand wash and go soap!
  • The Slab Pottery will be showcasing their beautifully designed ceramics. They add a little fun and creativity to any home.
  • Did you sample Broken Bow Brewery‘s ales last time they were here? They make a great range of craft beers, be sure to stop by and give them a try.


In the true spirit of ‘there’s something for everyone’, we also have a couple of events to tempt you to the market.

  • Scribble Art for kids make a return with their drawing and coloring workshop
  • Maria Reade will be on hand to give you a 101 on all things related to composting
  • Ron Renninger will be proving the music

See you on Saturday!


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